Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 3, Nama 24

p. 272 [Notices]
Lists people contracted to receive subscriptions and transmit the subscribers' names to the Editor.
[English translation included.]
Agents for Te Wananga
[English translation included.]
To correspondents
Disclaimer as to opinions expressed in contributions.
To advertisers
Outlines rules for submitting notices to the newspaper which must be in the
Maori language.
[English translation included.]
Notice instructing how to advertise horses.
Cost [of subscription]
Gives annual subscription rates: £1 per year but £1.2s.6d if posted. Weekly purchase from newsagents is 6d.
Market prices
List of prices in Christchurch and Wellington for animals and commodities such as potatoes and wheat.
pp.273-274 [Editorial]
Comments concerning a speech in the House from the Member for Geraldine, Canterbury, Mr E. Wakefield.
[English translation included.]
pp.274-275 Native Land Court
Report of the Land Court hearing which had been gazetted in Te Wananga Vol 3, No.23 and No.22.
[English translation included.]
pp.275-277 Meeting of chiefs at Pākōwhai
Part 6 of Te Wananga's report of the meeting at Pākōwhai.
[English translation included.]
pp.277-279 Maori parliamentary intelligence
Lists all Maori land blocks for which Sir George Grey had asked for reports to be tabled in Parliament.
[English translation included.]
pp.278-280 Eastern Maori district elections
Concerns the finding of the parliamentary committee, asked to enquire into the election of Karaitiana to the Eastern Maori seat, that he had a right to take up the Eastern Maori seat in Parliament.
[English translation included.]
pp.282-283 Interview of Te Rēinga with Sir George Grey
Transcript of a meeting between Te Rēinga, a Maori woman, and Sir George Grey concerning his visit to Te Kūiti, which may mean accusations of his interfering between Maori and the government.
[English translation included.]
pp.284-285 [Letters to the Editor]
From H.T.Whatahoro
Discusses a meeting held at Greytown, to discuss Lake Wairarapa, which had been sold by Hiko, Wiremu Kīngi and others to Mr Maunsell, the European Native Land Commissioner. States that these men had no legitimate claim to the lake and therefore no right to sell it and the purpose of the meeting was to organise a petition to Parliament asking that the sale be overturned. Contains list of names of all those present at the meeting.
[English translation included.]
pp.285-286 [Letters to the Editor]
From Hoani Nahe, Kirikiri, Hauraki
Contains a reply to Mohi Tūrei's letter printed in Te Wananga, Vol. 3, No. 15, 11 May 1876. States that he has seen both of Mohi's letters, the one printed in Te Wananga and the other signed by Mohi that appeared in Te Waka Maori, and is not sure if the letters were written by the same person. Contains whakataukī [sayings] and references to traditions.
Also discusses the letter of Hōne Kōtuku [Vol. 3, No. 2: 19] that outlines the wrongdoings of Sir Donald McLean in the purchase of Maori land.
From Whiaraunui and A.R.Pātene, Ngāruawāhia, Waikato
Requests an assessment of an arithmetic book written in the Maori language.
Reply from the Editor
States that he would be pleased to have the book sent to him to assess the cost of printing and binding.
From Peni Te Uamairangi, Wahaparata Mira
Concerns a quarrel over a fence and the decision by the Supreme Court.
pp.286-288 [Notices]
From Erimana Tuki, enquiring about Maori land to lease for grazing cattle and sheep.
From Hirini Honitana and Heta Tīpene. Trespass notice.
From J.Kirimiri. Clothing retailer, competitive prices.
From Tāmati Taunui, advising he is starting a blacksmith business in Hastings.
From H.Tiri. Tea and sugar merchants.
p.287 [Animal pound notices]
From Hōne Rikihana to Te Kenita, Te Aute, advising that his animal held at the pound will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
From Hēnare Taraka to A.Korini, advising that his animal held at the pound will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
From H.I.Peka, advising that animals held at the pound will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
From Hēnare Taraka to P.Ropitini, advising that his animal held at the pound will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
From Tāmati Renora to W.Makitatare, Pūkahu, advising that his animal held at the pound will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
From Kamatira Hotera. Hotel accommodation. States, `Maoris welcome'.
From Henry Hill regarding contract-printing services, and lists Te Wananga's subscription rates.
[English translation included.]
From Colledge and Co, agents for Te Wananga.
[English only.]
p.288 [Advertisements]
From Kēmara and Company, announcing that they have taken over the store of Binks and will continue to offer the same type of goods.
Fares and timetable for the steamer, Manaia.
From The Bank [of New Zealand?], able to deal in damaged property.
Notice from J.Rogan concerning a forthcoming Native Land Court sitting in Napier.
[English translation included.]
Notice concerning publishing details for Te Wananga.