Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 29

p.357 Advertisement from Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
Advertisement from Pairini and Co., advising that they sell iron goods.
p.358 Notice from Raraka and Parahi, advising the guns and related accessories they have for sale.
Notice to all people of New Zealand, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Napier and Gisborne
From Mr. Rees, lawyer of Napier, advising that land leases should be registered.
pp.358-359 [Editorial]
Discusses the licensing of interpreters and the requirement that they must sit an examination to determine their competence.
[English translation included.]
p.359 News items
Sayings from the Russian people
Contains a Russian story about wolves, and how they developed their characteristics.
p.360 [News items]
A new bridle for subduing horses
Report about a new style of bridle that has been developed.
Reduction in telegram prices
Provides prices for writing telegrams and explains what is required.
The Danube River, Turkey
Reports that the river is now safe for all shipping.
Message from Russia
Reports that Russia has agreed to release the fortresses in Patuama [Batoum?] and thousands of people there selling goods.
Tornado in America
Report of a tornado and how one woman died when she was lifted up and thrown down.
The Danube River
Reports that the Royal Committee will not agree to allow warships on the river, only cargo ships.
English authority over Turkey
Reports that England will govern the Asia Minor area, leaving the greater Asian area for Turkey.
The island of Cyprus
Reports that the island of Cyprus has been ceded to England.
Selection of teachings from the Scriptures concerning lying, boastfulness, suicide, solitary behaviour, and feelings of ill-will towards others.
Money collected for the church
Reports the amounts so far donated for the new church at Te Kawakawa. Lists the contributors and their donations.
pp.361-362 The ancient history of the English people
Part VII of John White's account of early English history. Concerns Arapata [King Alfred] and describes the events during his reign.
p.362 The Karaka [?] town
Reports that one of the towns in Karaka has been destroyed by an earthquake, and there are no survivors.
pp.362-362 Notice
From Charles Heaphy, Commissioner for Native Reserve Lands, Wellington
Concerns the land purchases by the New Zealand Company in the Wellington area, and the decisions made as to rents and payments to the Maori owners.
pp.362-363 Land Court judgements not yet made
Lists lands in the Heretaunga, Wellington, Auckland and Coromandel areas, giving blocks and acreage.
Notice from Councils established under the Native Land Act, 1867
Lists lands together with names of the land, areas and those responsible for them as caretakers.
pp.363-365 Report from the Native Affairs Committee
States that Te Wananga is not responsible for the Maori translations, which were done by a parliamentary translator.
Petition from Wiremu Paratene and others from Mangōnui, seeking a seat on the accounts committee.
The Committee replies that they cannot express an opinion because the members have already been set up.
Petition from Kōrako Karetai and others that members for Waipounamu be increased.
The Committee replies that the House will consider the petition when it discusses the members for the Crown.
Petition from Rīhari Uruteangina, concerning land at Pākaraka, near Whanganui, that is owned by the petitioner and his tribal group. States that it was sold by others to a Pakeha, and they are asking for it to be returned.
The Committee replies that they have asked the Native Land Court to investigate but have not received any information as yet.
Petition from Wiremu Karaka, requesting compensation for the loss of property during the fighting [New Zealand wars].
The Committee replies that there have been many similar requests and they have placed them before the House. States that the House has no procedures in place to deal with this matter.
Petition from Ngāti Whakatere and Ngāti Tūtaiaroa, concerning five land blocks in Manawatū, and a disagreement with the names that appear on the certificate of title.
The Committee replies that they are seeking guidance from the Government in this matter.
Petition from Hēnare Tōmoana and Rēnata Kawepō, asks that they be paid for their part in fighting Te Kooti.
The Committee replies that it is not clear that they should be paid.
Petition from Āperahama Pōkai and others of Hauraki, asks that money owed should be paid.
The Committee replies that the Government will consider the petition.
Petition from Haterea Koturekorinuku, concerning ownership of an island in Whakaraupō [Lyttelton Harbour], which should be paid for, or equivalent land given in return.
The Committee replies that they require more information from the petitioner so that they can act upon his request.
Petition from Wiremu Pōtiki and others, objecting to surveying of land near Kaiapoi because the actual owners are currently staying at Moeraki.
The Committee replies that this is a matter of Maori protocol over land ownership and the Committee is not able to advise.
Petition from the tribal group at Muaūpoko, concerns disagreement with the laws about roading, shipping and Customs, and Maori land legislation.
The Committee replies that they have no jurisdiction to alter the laws and no jurisdiction over any of the other matters in the petition.
Petition from Utika Pataha, discussing land at Rangitīkei-Manawatū, for which only one person has been paid, despite there being several owners.
The Committee replies that the problem lies with the Maori system of land ownership, and that as there is insufficient evidence before the Committee, they are unable to make a recommendation.
Petition from Īhāia Tainui, outlining several grievances concerning Maori reserved land at Poutini [South Island West Coast] including: the leasehold status of the lands; disagreement with the 21-year tenure; disagreement with the Native Reserve Lands legislation; need for payment for lands taken for railways.
The Committee replies that they have examined the grievances in the petition and determined that the landowners had agreed to the partition of the land in question, and that they have referred the petition to the government.
Petition from Pātoromu Waituri and other signatories, containing an accusation of land theft at Titirangi, Tūranga [Gisborne]. States that they agreed for stone to be quarried from the land, but the land has been taken as well.
The Committee replies that the surveying for Gisborne Township has encroached on their lands and this may be the reason they say their lands have been stolen. States that they have no knowledge of the quarry.
Petition from Tuta Nihoniho and others, concerning a complaint about the resident magistrate at Waiapu, to which they have received no reply.
The Committee replies that their petition has been passed over to the House and is being considered.
pp.365-368 [Letters to the Editor]
From Remuera Tiemu (Lemuel James), Te Aute College
Explaining his support for Te Aute College and stating that without it the children would be starved of knowledge.
From A.R.Pātene, Karakariki, Waipā
Obituary for Tamati-Kapua [Tamatekapua?], Waikato, Ngāti Maniapoto and Ngāti Tamainu. Describes the kōpaki pounamu [greenstone gifts given to the family as token of respect].
From Hēnare H.Hau, Waimate, Pēwhairangi
Report of a meeting held at Whangaroa and attended by all the chiefs of Ngā Puhi, concerning the building of a house to be called Te Tiriti o Waitangi [The Treaty of Waitangi].
Contains an obituary to a girl, Pirihira, of Toatoa, Mangōnui. Contains a short whakapapa [genealogy].
Contains a notice to Pakeha concerning payment for milling and shipping tōtara wood; discusses Pakeha efforts to lease lands that contain silver deposits, and discusses the minimal payments by Pakeha for the kauri timber rights on land in the Hokianga area.
From Te Pēti Te Rangiwhakaewa, Tahoraiti
Requesting information about a missing horse belonging to Karaitiana Takamoana that was in his care. Offers a £2 reward.
From Wiremu Wānoa, Horoera
Complaining about the unauthorised burning off of native trees at Waipapa; and states that the trees are treasured possessions. States that if any one persists in this activity following the notice, they will be heavily fined.
From Horomona Tūkati, Kahukura, Takapau
Informing people that the land is divided between various members of his family and that it is not for lease. Contains a list of the boundaries and lists those to whom he has gifted areas.
From Rēnata Āperahama, Hiorekatā, Kaipara
Describing the events surrounding the gathering of a synod at Pārāwai, Thames. Lists the people who attended.
From Te Meihana Taipū, Porirua
Advertising that he will buy greenstone and stating the price per pound he will pay.
From Porikapa Tamaihotua and Pine Te Kaituhi, Waipawa
Notifying the death of Mere Paea.
From the Rūnanga [Council] of Ruapuke Island
Message of support for Grey's new Government.
pp.368-369 Notice from Te Hāpuku instructing that Lake Poukawa not be drained after his death.
From Te Harawira Te Tātere and other signatories, Te Hauke
Repeat of Vol.5, No.22:282.