Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 5, Nama 5

p.49 A notice to Maori
Reminder notice for subscriptions, listing the yearly subscription as £1.2s.6d.
From Maki Tonoere, advising his services as a land agent.
From Rēneti and Co., listing the clothing items available from their store.
From Paerani and company, advising services as a gunsmith, and sale of guns, gunpowder and gun licenses.
pp.49-51 [Editorial]
Outlines the correct way to formulate petitions to Parliament.
[English translations included.]
p.51 [News items]
Te Kōpua
Discusses the continuation of the railway through to Te Kōpua and preparations for the celebrations.
Tāwhiao's letter
Contains a Maori translation of a letter written by Tāwhiao to Governor Grey, which expresses Tāwhiao's anger that Grey did not visit and speak with him on matters concerning Tāwhiao's people.
The journey to Waikato
States that Grey and Sheehan did journey to Waikato and agreed to an agenda for future discussions with Tāwhiao.
The problem at the Cape of Good Hope
States that the European militia killed those responsible for the murder of the European Commissioner.
Good Templar
Reports that cases of drunkenness in the Wellington district have been reduced.
Tākerei Te Rau
Reports the death of a child at Hikurangi, Waikato, the cause of which is not known.
Telegraph prices
Reports that the price for a telegram from England to Merepana [Melbourne?] was £600.
p.52 [News items]
Customs revenues
Lists the revenues collected from each of the main centres and explains the reasons for the collection of customs revenues.
World wool clip for the year 1877
Lists the figures from Australia, Cape of Good Hope and other British colonies.
Land purchases in Heretaunga
Details prices and sales for the Hastings area.
Reports that it has been eight years since there was any evident volcanic activity from the mountain, but now rumblings have been heard.
Te Tarawahi, M.P.
Reports that he is going to England and that he has finished his parliamentary work.
Ōmaru wheat
Reports that despite inclement weather, the wheat crop will still be good and that the price will hold. States that Napier will also see a good harvest.
The Pope in Rome
Reports that the Pope is bedridden due to a severe illness.
Mr. Rees, lawyer
Reports that Mr. Rees M.P. has set up practice as a lawyer in Napier.
Mr Ormond
Announces his forthcoming speaking tour and contains dates and venues.
Pakeha murder their friend
Discusses the murder of one Pakeha by his drunken friends.
Reports the support given by Ngāti Porou to a ban on sale and consumption of alcohol in their area.
p.53 [News items]
Lightning at Ōpunake
Reports a lightning strike at the telegraph station and states that the operator was lucky to escape with his life.
Te Hinemoa
Lists journeys of Governor Grey and Mr. Sheehan on Te Hinemoa.
The salmon
Discusses the salmon run and fishing at the Waimakariri River, South Island.
The fighting between Russia and Turkey
Discusses some of the fighting that occurred, including details of atrocities committed by Turkey against Russian troops. Also discusses the occupation of Constantinople by Russia. Concludes with more information on the progress of the peace talks.
pp.53-54 Special Contract Confirmation Act, 1877
Records the Act in full for the benefit of readers.
[English translation included.]
pp.54-55 Further report of the Commission of inquiry into the land at Te Aute
Transcript of the inquiry on 5 October 1877. Lists the speakers and questions.
p.55 [Letters to the Editor]
From Toka Awakino and Papaaroha Moehau
Discusses the various qualities of the Maori Members of Parliament. States that some do not speak for their constituents.
From Rāwiri Taikehu and Hōri Kanaterangi, Te Horo
Discusses a meeting called by Pāora Taihaki in support of Governor Grey.
From Ānaru Te Wanikau
Reports the loss of his son's greenstone [ornament?] and asks anyone finding it, to return it.
p.56 [Letters to the Editor]
From Hākaraia Mauhuri and other signatories, Tikitiki, Waiapu
Reports of the meeting called by Pāora Taihaki at which issues such as alcohol, Christianity and support for Governor Grey were discussed.
From Rīwai Te Rore, Tikitiki
Lists the issues discussed at the meeting called by Pāora Taihaki at Tikitiki.
From Hamama Mahuika and other signatories, Tikitiki
Discusses the meeting called by Pāora Taihaki and discusses statements by Governor Grey. States that alcohol and non-adherence to Christianity cause the problems.
From Nikora Hōri, Ōkahukura
Discusses the loss of his horse, when the pound sold it to a Pakeha without first notifying him.
From Te Wāka Kawatini, Te Kohupātiki
Contains a list of his possessions that were consumed in a house fire.
From Kōmene Tamauta and all his tribe, Nutaranaki, Whenuakura
Discusses comments made by Karaitiana about government and wars in the North and Waitara, and how they have caused pain. Refers to the laws of the Bible and states that all problems can be solved by following the Scriptures.
From Wiremu Kāwhena Tauwhitu, Ngāraratūnui, Whāngārei
Discusses Grey's new law that bans hunting of native pigeons during summer. States that they disagree with the clearance of forests in which the pigeons feed as loss of food endangers the birds more than hunting.
p.57 [Letters to the Editor]
From Wāta Kohikohi
Details his narrow escape when caught in a flood while crossing a river, as he returned from collecting his copy of Te Wananga.
From Winikerei Te Whetūiti, Piako
Discusses the injustice from theft through land surveys, and the prices paid by the Government for land. Agrees with Te Wananga's comments concerning abolishing Maori Officers and that a fair price should be paid for land taken for railways.
From Reha Āperahama, Ngāti Rāhiri, Peka-o-Hawaiki, Hauraki
Concerns the illegal surveying of land belonging to Ngāti Rāhiri at Te Aroha. Details some of the history to the dispute.
From Pētera Rangihiroa, Tarawera, Taupō
Discusses parliamentary work in the context of biblical references, suggesting that Grey, Sheehan and Karaitiana are descendants of Issac.
States that the Government is ignoring the status of the Treaty of Waitangi.
States that all Maori tribal groups should look to the meanings and explanations held within whakataukī [sayings] in order to formulate relevant laws for Maori, like those of the laws for Pakeha. Contains metaphoric language.
pp.57-58 From Pētera Rangihiroa, Tarawera, Taupō
Discusses a disagreement over the leasing of his land, and states that the leaseholder is ignoring the boundary and encroaching on other land.
Concludes with a statement advising the people of Te Whakapapa that they are all related and should not be disagreeing with each other.
From Pitihira Te Maru and other signatories, Motuiti, Manawatū
Announces a meeting to discuss the return of land from Ngāti Raukawa to the descendants of Te Pēhi Te Aweawe and his tribal groups, Ngāti Hineaute, Ngāti Rangi and Rangitāne.
Discusses some of the history of this land and lists its boundaries.
From Peina Te Matatetaia, Whanganui
Expresses disagreement with the new Native Minister. States that he was one of the instigators of all Maori problems in the past.
From Pētera Rangihiroa, Tarawera, Taupō
Concerns a brand that the writer asks be printed by Te Wananga so that both Maori and Pakeha will know of it. Contains illustration of the brand.
From Tāreha Te Moananui and other signatories, Waiohiki
To the Editor of Te Wananga
Expresses support for the new Government, and issues a warning to government officials not to come into their area, as they are not trusted. Concludes with an invitation for all tribes to unite with those of Ngāti Kahungunu.
p.59 Advertisement
Requesting Pakeha fishmongers to sell their wares at Bridge Pā.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from H.Pāka and Co., advising blacksmith services.
Animal trespass notice from Nepe Te Apatu.
[English translation included.]
Animal trespass notice from Nepe Te Apatu.
[English translation included.]
Horses for sale
Advertisement from Wī Matua, advising forthcoming sale.
[English translation included.]
Advertisement from Hēmi Roai, manufactures greenstone jewellery.
p.60 £100 reward
From W.J.Millar, requesting information concerning detection of railway vandalism.
[English translation included.]
From Rāpata Wirikini, advising the stud fees for the horse `Little John'.
Advises the fares and schedule for the steamer, Manaia.
From Te Wara and Company, manufacturers of greenstone jewellery.
From Te Mira, warning Maori that it is illegal to play cards while travelling on the trains as per rule 31.
From Colledge and Co., advertising printing services.
From Te Wananga, outlining the subscription rates.
[Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand]
Te Wananga is printed by Henry Hill and published by Hēnare Tōmoana.
[English translation included.]