Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 12

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From the Editor requesting correspondence be addressed to Te Pura [James Buller].
From Wiremu Toniki warning of arrest for theft from his business.
[Advertisements and Notices]
From Te Miti & Rewana advertising stud services.
From Te Waharei mā (Worsley & Co.) seeking to buy flax fibre and sheep wool.
From Wiremu Rakiwhata (Wm. Luxford) concerning a mare and foal, found.
From Te Poura mā (Wm. Bowler, Son & Co.) and Tuati, Kinirohi mā (Stuart, Kinross & Co.) wishing to buy gold.
From Tākana (R. J. Duncan) of the travel costs for the steamer Wonga Wonga.
p.2 Money
Editorial discussion about people's perceptions of the importance of money and the reactions by some to possessing those products that can only be bought with money. Advises that through hard work and prudence the welfare and status of impoverished Maori will improve so they are like Pakeha. Discussion of the enriching benefits of a savings bank account.
pp.2-4 Letters to the Editor
From Mīhaka Te Maurara, Takapūwāhia
Addressed to the legislators of Wellington and the new British settlers, denouncing the traditional customs of the Maori. Supports adherence to the customs and laws of the Pakeha.
From Rīwai Te Ahu, Waikanae
Request to the newspaper to print the following letters that were sent to him regarding the affairs of Ngāti Porou.
From Himiona Te Mataku, Te Kawakawa
Addressed to Rīwai Te Ahu and Mata explaining that Rota is the only one conducting any services at this settlement because Peka has left for Auckland. Explanation that the inhabitants of the settlement are receiving biblical instruction and that some are being instructed to become monitors, giving their routine for this instruction.
Concludes with regards to Wī Parata, Unaiki and Āperahama Te Ruru.
From R.Waitoa, Te Kawakawa
Addressed to Rīwai Te Ahu requesting a letter confirming that Ngāti Raukawa are supporting Rīwai Te Ahu and adhering to his prescriptions. Notice that the writer is seeking a teacher for Ngāti Raukawa amongst Ngāti Porou because of their support for the work of the church.
From Ēpiha Poiha Tūmokemoke, Waikanae
Addressed to the writer's relatives, advising that he has authorised the surveying of the land to establish its boundaries.
From Terepata Te Roihe, Ōhau
Discussion of Te Rauparaha's authority to occupy Kapiti and the relationship of Ngāti Awa, Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Ruanui to this region. References to the grey warbler and two ropes incorporated in the building of a house are used to explain the relationship between Te Rauparaha and the land.
From Nerehana Te Whare, Manawatū
Declaration that his people are living in ignorance and want to be informed about the practice of trading in agricultural products with particular reference to wheat because of past equivocal experiences with Pakeha traders. The writer argues that although the Bible advocates that Maori and Pakeha be as one, the law of the Crown permits two standards of behaviour. Submits a waiata [song] to express his opinions.
From Hira Te Moho
Address to his relatives supporting the speeches of Wī Hapi Te Rāwhāritua about the knowledge and practices of a Christian. The writer asserts that it was Saint Augustine who broadcast the Scriptures to England. Discusses the Old Testament to support the reception of Pakeha practices and beliefs.
Notice from the Editor that portions of this letter have been omitted because it is not the newspaper's policy to publish the practices of the Church.
p.4 Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.
Notice from the Editor informing of the aggregate weight of bushels required by the flourmills.