Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 20

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From the Editor requesting correspondence be addressed to Te Pura [James Buller].
From Wiremu Toniki warning of arrest for theft from his business.
[Advertisements and Notices]
From Te Miti & Rewana advertising stud services.
From Te Waharei mā (Worsley & Co.) seeking to buy flax fibre and sheep wool.
From Wiremu Rakiwhata (Wm. Luxford) concerning a mare and foal, found.
From Te Poura mā (Wm. Bowler, Son & Co.) and Tuati, Kinirohi mā (Stuart, Kinross & Co.) wishing to buy gold.
From Tākana (R. J. Duncan) concerning travel costs for the steamer Wonga Wonga.
p.2 School
Editorial discussion of the benefits to be gained by Maori from learning to read and write. Contends that Maori will gain more knowledge and understanding of Pakeha practices if they learn English. Advocates that education will allow Maori to enter professional careers.
pp.2-3 Letters to the Editor
From Te Aomarere Te Puna, Ōtaki
Statement witnessed by Tāmihana Te Rauparaha and Pairoroku Te Māhia that the writer is no longer angry at his mother Ria for wanting to marry Hēnere Te Herekau.
From Wiremu Te Kairangatira, Rangitīkei
Notice from the council to the Government rejecting the practices of the Waikato King Movement and pledging adherence to those practices broadcast by the newspaper.
From Hipirini Taiwaraki, Ōtaki
Supports Pakeha practices derived from Christianity as presented by Wī Hapi Te Rawhari[tua]. Disapproves of the Maori practice of mourning the dead.
From Īhaka Whatarau, (Teacher) Pāpāwai, Wairarapa
Discussion of a meeting to decide if Te Hāpuku and Te Moananui have ceased fighting. Attributes part of the blame for the trouble to the Government because the little people were neglected in the compensation for land. Includes a waiata [song] from the little people.
From Eru Te Matatā, Ōtaki
Metaphorical address to Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Huia supporting the principle of land retention.
pp. 3-4 The problems with Maori tapu [sacred restrictions]
Discussion from Te Karere Maori, Auckland, ascribing a belief in tapu as the cause of Maori ignorance and a hindrance, with a brief scenario in which it has been violated. Cites the instance of Tāmati Te Ito of Taranaki removing tapu in order to prevent others seeking revenge for desecrating sacred places. Alludes to the progress Maori could make in attaining Pakeha lifestyles if the land is not tapu.
p.4 [Letter]
From Te Hūtana, Heretaunga, discussing the habit of some contributors who write just to get their name in print. Contests that prestige will only be given to those with knowledge and substance in their writings.
Publishes Fable 2 called `The Jackass who dressed like a Lion' as a model for his sermon.
Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.
From Te Pura [James Buller] offering payment for live kiwi birds.
From Te Rauparaha Te Ringa concerning a mare and foal, found.
From Tāmati Eruini Mukākā concerning a lost horse.