Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 35

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Te Pura [Buller] offering payment for live kiwi birds.
From Tāmati Huka (Thos Hooker) giving prices for milling flour at Pāpāwai.
From Te Rauparaha Te Ringa concerning a mare and foal found.
From [Pōneke Prison Warden] offering £100 reward for the capture of Hoani Wuru.
From William Fitzherbert, description of Hoani Wuru.
From Arana (A.S. Allan), regarding the arrival at Wharekauri of the steamer Reri Kerei.
p.2 The smallness of the newspaper
Editorial address to the newspaper's supporters discussing a letter from Rīwai Te Ahu requesting the newspaper be enlarged. In response to Te Ahu's complaint, that Pakeha newspapers cost the same as this newspaper but they have more pages, the Editor claims that the Pakeha readership is four times larger than the Maori readership of the newspaper. Contends that with an increased readership the newspaper will also expand over time but while the language of publication is Maori the readership is restricted.
Requests contributors pay their subscriptions on time so that the newspaper can operate.
Letter to the Editor
From Rīwai Te Ahu, Waikanae
Complains about the size of the newspaper in relation to the subscription that is contributed. Invites response to his letter.
Kororāreka [Russell]
Report from Te Karere Maori of the meeting called by Maihi Parāone Kawiti to pledge allegiance to the Crown.
Report from Te Karere Maori that the people of Hauraki have stopped fighting to begin cultivating the land and living peaceably.
p.3 Letters to the Editor
From Manahi Taurua and Hēnare Te Waiatua, Waikawa
Addressed to Tamaiti Wiremu Ūpō at Te Aro [fortified settlement] considering claims to land from Ōtaki to Rangitīkei by Terepata Te Roihe, Ūpō, Te Wharepōuri, and Ngāti Raukawa.
From Maori, Ōtaki
Disclaims opinions expressed by people from Ōhau about Maori practices. Declares these people are crazy for claiming that Maori from Pōneke and Arapawa are looked after and fed by them.
Remembers the compassion of Te Rauparaha for his people and claims the survival of the residents of Ōhau was dependent on the goodwill of Ngāti Toa.
Describes the independence and strength of Maori at Kui [fortified settlement] with an example of how a seven-year-old boy named Awa dealt with a stray bull plundering the garden.
Reply from the Editor requests that further denials should cease.
pp.3-4 Meeting at Puketāpapa
Report from Te Karere Maori of a meeting between Maori of Puketāpapa and other named areas, with an inventory of the food supplies and cost, and the collection for churches at Mangere and Pūkaki.
Notice of speeches given by Koroniria Tokuwaha of Te Ahiwaru and named others.
Record of motions passed: that Puketāpapa be assigned as a settlement for the people of Te Ahiwaru; that Papahinu be assigned as a settlement for the people of Ngāti Hinemutu. Names those who approved the motions.
p.4 Letter to the Editor
From Reupena Whakairi, Turakina
Addressed to Pānapa Huruterangi and Heta Tionga announcing the death of Kewetone and submitting a waiata [lament].
Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.
Notice from Hōri Herewini, Heretaunga, concerning a missing horse.