Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 6

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
[Notices and Advertisements]
From Petune and Hanita of the proposed departure of the schooner Eta under the captaincy of Hoani Pareia.
From Wiremu Toniki warning of arrest for theft from his business.
From Te Miti & Rewana advertising stud services.
From Te Waharei mā (Worsley & Co.) seeking to buy flax fibre and sheep wool.
From Wiremu Rakiwhata (Wm. Luxford) concerning a mare and foal, found.
From Te Poura mā (Wm. Bowler, Son & Co.) and Tuati, Kinirohi mā (Stuart, Kinross & Co.) wishing to buy gold.
From Tākana (R. J. Duncan) of the travel costs for the steamer Wonga Wonga.
p.2 The superintendent
Editorial notice of the election results for provincial superintendent of Wellington, in which Dr Featherston was elected. Discussion of the perceived negative consequences for Maori of this result, which was influenced by much Pakeha ignorance.
Notice of forthcoming dates for meetings at Pōneke, Ōtaki, Porirua, Heretaunga, Wairarapa and surrounding districts to vote for the appointees to district committees, and advice to the readership not to believe everything that is proffered.
Discussion of the benefit to Maori and their children of learning to speak English to understand Pakeha law.
The diggings at Aorere
Discussion of the stormy weather conditions at Aorere that hinder the excavations for gold, with the advice that when summer arrives conditions will improve.
pp.2-4 Letters to the Editor
From Te Wunu, Whanganui
Quote from Romans 12:9 by Paul the Apostle prescribing peaceful relations. Discussion of the fighting between Te Hāpuku and Moananui, with the conclusion that because of such behaviour Pakeha will think that Maori are ignorant and childish.
From Tame Irihana, Mailman, Pōneke
Description of the gold diggings in the Aorere region and naming nine different sites.
From Wēpiha Te Rimunui, Manawatū
Praises the newspaper as a propagator of peaceful practices.
From Te Wātene Kaharunga, Aratangata, Manawatū
Praises the newspaper for its reports about unseen overseas countries, and for supplying the region with a local newspaper.
From Hoani Makaho, Ōtaki
Discussion of the acceptance of the Gospel by Ngāti Apa and Ngāti Raukawa at Rangitīkei.
From Rapihana Te Otaota, Wainui
Praise for the products and teachings of Pakeha society, which bring beneficial progress for Maori.
From Īnia Riwa Te Tua, Heretaunga
Praise for the practices of the Pakeha as published by the newspaper.
From Tāmati Wiremu Tamahua, Pitone [Petone]
Praise for the propagation of the Gospel to end disputes and ignorance, quoting a puha [a chant] and Song of David 19.
From Te Hāpuku Ngaruhe [Ngā Aruhe?], Whakatū
Addressed to Wī Tako Ngātata-i-te-rangi at Te Mako, Heretaunga, as an apology. The writer accepts that his actions were wrong, and gives an assurance that he is abiding by the Queen's law.
From Hēnare Wiremu Taratoa, School Teacher, Ōtaki
Submission of a recipe for producing yeast, with an extra recipe for making bread called ihi.
p.4 [Notices]
Current prices offered by Turiri and Renau for foodstuffs and produce.
From the Editor requesting that correspondence is addressed to Te Piwa [Te Pura?].
From Wiremu Kapeta (William Corbett) warning of his intent to sell a stray horse