View the PDF document Power to the people: End-user building of digital libary collections

Witten, I. H., Bainbridge, D., ., Boddie, S. J. (2001) First ACM/IEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Roanoke, Virginia, 24-28 June, pp 94-103.

Naturally, digital library systems focus principally on the reader: the consumer of the material that constitutes the library. In contrast, this paper describes an interface that makes it easy for people to build their own library collections. Collections may be built and served locally from the user1s own web server, or (given appropriate permissions) remotely on a shared digital library host. End users can easily build new collections styled after existing ones from material on the Web or from their local filesu2039or both, and collections can be updated and new ones brought on-line at any time. The interface, which is intended for non-professional end users, is modeled after widely used commercial software installation packages. Lest one quail at the prospect of end users building their own collections on a shared system, we also describe an interface for the administrative user who is responsible for maintaining a digital library installation.