View the PDF document Greenstone: a platform for distributed digital library applications

Bainbridge, D., Buchanan, G. R., McPherson, J. R., Jones, S. R., Mahoui, A., Witten, I. H. (2001) P. Constantopoulos and I. T. Solvberg (eds), Proc Fifth European Conference on Research and Advance Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL'01), LNCS 2163, Darmstadt, Germany, 137-148. Springer-Verlag Heidelberg.

This paper examines the issues surrounding distributed Digital Library protocols. First, it reviews three prominent digital library protocols: Z39.50, SDLIP, and Dienst, plus Greenstoneu2019s own protocol. Then, we summarise the implementation in the Greenstone Digital Library of a number of different procols for distributed digital libraries, and describe sample applications of the same: a digital libary for children, a translator for Stanfordu2019s Simple Digital Library Intereroperability Protocol, a Z39.50 client, and a bibliographic search tool. The paper concludes with a comparison of all four protocols, and a brief discussion of the impact of distributed protocols on the Greenstone system.