View the PDF document Requirements determination for an information systems digital library

Venable, J. R., Travis, J., Sanson, M. D. (1996) Proc 7th Conference of the International Information Management Association (IIMA’96),pp 35-46, Estes Park, Colorado; December.

This paper describes a method for investigating the requirements for an Information Systems Digital Library (ISDL) for the free or low cost distribution, browsing, full-text search, and retrieval of all kinds of publications relevant to the field of IS. The paper argues for a combination of Soft System Methodology (SSM) and a Group Support System (GSS) to facilitate requirements determination from the extremely diverse and world-wide body of stakeholders, to better expose issues and reach understanding compromise. The design issues and decisions of a web-based system to support use of GSS to support SSM in this context are discussed.