View the PDF document Identifying hierarchical structure in sequences: a linear-time algorithm

Nevill-Manning, C. G., Witten, I. H. (1997) Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 7,pp 67-82.

SEQUITUR is an algorithm that infers a hierarchical structure from a sequence of discrete symbols by replacing repeated phrases with a grammatical rule that generates the phrase, and continuing this process recursively. The result is a hierarchical representation of the original sequence, which offers insights into its lexical structure. The algorithm is driven by two constraints that reduce the size of the grammar, and produce structure as a by-product. SEQUITUR breaks new ground by operating incrementally. Moreover, the method’s simple structure permits a proof that it operates in space and time that is linear in the size of the input. Our implementation can process 50,000 symbols per second and has been applied to an extensive range of real world sequences.