Topic-based browsing within a digital library using keyphrases

Jones, S., Paynter, G. W. (1999) Proc Fourth ACM Conference on Digital Libraries,edited by E.A. Fox, and N. Rowe, Berkeley, USA, August, pp 114-121. ACM.

Many digital libraries are comprised of documents from disparate sources that are independent of the rest of the collection in which they reside. A user’s ability to explore is severely curtailed when each document stands in isolation; there is no way to navigate to other, related, documents, or even to tell if such documents exist. We describe a method for automatically introducing topic-based links into documents to support browsing in digital libraries. Automatic keyphrase extraction is exploited to identify link anchors, and keyphrase-based similarity measures are used to select and rank destinations. Two implementations are described: one that applies these techniques to existing WWW-based digital library collections using standard HTML, and one that uses a wider range of interface techniques to provide more sophisticated linking capabilities. An evaluation shows that keyphrase-based similarity measures work as well as a popular full-text retrieval system for finding relevant destination documents.