View the PDF document DEBORA: Developing an interface to support collaboration in a digital library

Nichols, D. M., Pemberton, D., Dalhoumi, S., Larouk, O., Belisle, C., Twidale, M. B. (2000) Proc ECDL 2000: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, 4th European Conference,edited by Jose Borbinha and Thomas Baker, Lisbon, Portugal, September, pp 239-248.

Interfaces to library systems have largely failed to represent the in-herently collaborative nature of information work. This paper describes how collaborative functionality is being implemented as part of the DEBORA project to provide access to digitised Renaissance documents. Work practices of users of Renaissance documents are described and the collaborative features of the client software are outlined. Functionalities discussed include annotation, the creation of virtual books and the inclusion of user-supplied metadata.