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Aging Life is Conway's game of life with a twist: the cells age and change color. See for the Java applet. [Aaron Davidson ,, 09Mar97.]

Thai Truong's "Mac Cellular Automata" demonstrates one-dimensional rules. It's on Brian Hill's ALife page, . [Kasprzyk , comp.theory.cell-automata, 13Dec96.]

Alex Vulliamy has written a simple Java swarming program, . It makes a good freeware screen saver for the Mac. [,, 01Mar97.]

Other flocking/schooling applets can be found on , , and . [Craig Reynolds ,, 03Mar97.]

Floys are social, territorial Alife creatures -- of the Boids family -- implemented as a Java applet. They attack anyone who invades their territory. Source code is available from . [Ariel Dolan ,, 11Apr97.]

A.I. Wars (the Insect Mind) is a simulated bug battle, recently featured in American Computing Magazine. or . [,, 31Mar97. David Joslin.]

corewar-ga is a new list for genetic algorithms and corewar, spun out of Send a "subscribe" message to . A web page and FTP site are being created, starting with list archives on . [Martin M. Pedersen ,, 05Apr97.]

For connections between genetic algorithms and cellular automata, check out the Santa Fe Institute's Evolving CA page at . [Cris Moore , comp.theory.cell-automata, 09Apr97.]

The Genetic Programming Notebook has moved to . Tutorials, FAQs, directories, bibliographies, papers, conferences, software, etc., for genetic programming, genetic algorithms, and other AI/robotics topics. [Jaime Fernandez ,, 25Mar97. David Joslin.]

The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept (CALResCo) site offers concise, non-technical introductions to alife, automata, attractors, complexity, entropy, fractals, genetic algorithms, neural networks and nonlinear science, etc., plus over 100 demonstration images. Also links to other sites and FAQs. , or from Europe. [Chris Lucas ,, 24Feb97.]

Papers, essays, and links about alife, genetics, complexity, chaos theory, etc., have been collected at . [Tuba & Umur Ozkul , comp.theory, 18Feb97.]

Other info on complex adaptive systems, genetic algorithms, and artificial life can be found at . [Moshe Sipper ,, 17Feb97.]