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Information Harvesting is a $50K data mining product from Ryan Corp. (Hartford, CN). Components include associative rule induction, genetic tuning, a visual analysis and display of rule performance. and an embedable C inference engine. Rule induction can take hours, but rule execution exceeds 2K firings per second. DOS, Windows, or OS/2. Ryan Corp. was founded by Dr. Ralph Wiggins, former director of a Schlumberger AI research department. He's sold six copies so far, three of them to financial analysts who had tried other neural techniques. [Jennifer Jacobs of Software Design Technologies (Mill Valley, CA) and Jennifer Hynes of Intelligent Software (Sausalito, CA), SEF Intelligent Systems SIG. Bill Park (, 5/10/93.]

The Scheme->C compiler HOBBIT (for use with SCM) is available in release 2.0. Generated C code retains most of its original Scheme structure. Continuations are still not supported. FTP hobbit2.tar.z from archive/scm on or from pub/scheme/new on [Tanel Tammet (tammet, comp.lang.scheme, 5/25/93.]

Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) version 1.2 is available free from FTP file asa-1.2.Z from pub/ingber. Contact Lester Ingber ( to join the mailing list. [anneal, 5/5/93. Bill Park.]

DTP is a theorem prover for exploring domain-independent search control of inference. In Common Lisp (actually CLtL2) for Franz Allegro and Lucid. FTP from /pub/dtp on [Don Geddis (,, 4/25/93.]

The Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) is a standard supported by Symbolics, Lucid, Franz, Harlequin, Apple, and most other Lisp providers. You can FTP code modules from pub/clim on Send a message to to join the CLIM discussion list. [Vincent Keunen (,, 5/17/93.]

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