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Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine includes articles on computers in medicine: telemedicine workstations, virtual autopsy trainers, genomic analysis, speech recognition products, auditory system simulation, talking Web browsers for the blind, new medical search engines (CIPRESS, ), etc. . The Dec99 issue announces the formation of a Virtual Medical Worlds Community, , and the launch of The J. of ITIS Letters for the Int. Telemedical Information Society, . [Leslie Versweyveld , sci.virtual-worlds, 02Dec98. David Joslin.]

You can read about Computer Motion's robotic surgery system at . (Wherever it says "robot," substitute "teleoperator." [Bill Park , 28Nov98.]

"Speaking to Write: Realizing the Potential of Speech Recognition for Secondary Students with Disabilities" is online at . For announcements, send a "subscribe spk2wrt" message to . [Patricia Corley , EDAD-L, 18Sep98. net-hap.]