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Information about IJCAI-95 is available at Also by gopher to port 70, FTP from pub/ijcai on, or email to Deadline for tutorial, workshop, and panel proposals is 11/1/94. [Martha Pollack (, intsys, 10/6/94. David Joslin.]

Weekly archives of the AI-related Usenet newsgroups (back to 7/23/94, or 1/90 for comp.lang.lisp) are now available as gzipped tar files in Sub-directories include comp.{ai, ai.*, constraints, lang.{clos, dylan, lisp, lisp.*, prolog, scheme, smalltalk}, object.logic, org.lisp-users, robotics, speech, std.lisp, sys.ti.explorer,} and sci.lang. Contact to suggest other newsgroups. [Mark Kantrowitz (,, 10/10/94. David Joslin.]

Proceedings of the 8/92 workshop "Autopoiesis and Perception" are available in (but not in hardcopy). The README.TXT file lists the articles. [Barry McMullin (, Neuron Digest, 10/5/94.]

Physicist Stephen Hawking says computer viruses are man-made life forms, parasitic on the metabolism of host computers. [St. Petersburg Times, 8/8/94, p. 8. EDUPAGE.]

ENCORE, the EvolutioNary COmputation REpository network, offers resources for evolutionary computing: genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolution strategies, evolutionary programming, classifier systems, etc. The US site is; there are also sites in Europe and Asia. [, GA-List, 9/5/94. Roy Turner.] See also CalTech's EClair service,, esp. the README and handbook files. [GA-List. Chuck Morefield, 9/17/94.]

Gordon Baxter has been checking into freely available "production systems" that run on PCs. SOAR can be FTP'd from /afs/ on For info, contact or check Part 6 of the Lisp FAQ at /lang/lisp/top.html. ACT-R for Mac or Golden Common Lisp 4.3 comes with John Anderson's book "Rules of the Mind" (LEA, 1993). The CLIPS rule-based expert system shell is documented in /pub/clips on [gordonb,, 9/20/94. David Joslin.]

Behrouz H. Far has collected links to several qualitative-reasoning home pages, on [,, 10/12/94. David Joslin.]

A bibliographic server for decision support papers is being created by the IDSS laboratory at UTS. Contact Andrew Blair ( [IDSS Mailing List Newsletter, 10/13/94. Bill Park.]

Partek Inc. (St. Charles, MO) is marketing a "universal recognizer" environment for pattern recognition and visualization. Engineers Thomas Downey and D.J. Meyer have built a non- rectilinear analytic "spreadsheet" with sophisticated data preprocessing operations, pop-up graphics, principle-component analysis, non-linear mapping, cluster analysis, color-coded 2D/3D pattern-visualization (including n-dimensional scatter plots, histograms, and time series displays), and neural-network, unsupervised learning vector quantization (LVQ), or statistical classification. Users can add their own modules. [R. Colin Johnson, EETimes, 10/6/94.]