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AI CD-ROM from Network Cybernetics Corp. (Irving, TX) is out in Revision 2. Thousands of programs, source code collections, tutorials, research papers, Internet journals, and other resources in ES, NN, GA, NLP, fuzzy logic, robotics, embedded applications, VR, ALife, machine vision, and AI languages. Revision 2 includes a much more complete index, with keywords and verbose descriptions of many files. Check the table of contents in file AICDROM2.ZIP on FTP servers or the CompuServe AI forum. You can also dial up the NCC BBS at (214) 258-1832. Programmer's Paradise (Farmingdale, NY) has a good price; (800) 445-7899, (908) 389-9227 Fax. $129 list, or contact NCC for a dealer list or upgrade price;, (214) 650-1929 Fax. [R. Steven Rainwater (,, 11/13/93. Bill Park.]

J.R. Quinlan's FOIL6.0 system for learning relational concepts may be FTP'd as in ftp/pub on [Machine Learning List, 11/1/93. The file is in shar format. Chris Matheus (]

(There's a 2-page "Secretaries' Nightmare" appointment scheduling problem in the call for the 3/1/94 CAIA-94 Workshop on Coordinated Design and Planning (San Antonio). Ask Charles Petrie for a copy. [, sched-l, 11/22/93. Jim Blythe.])

Barney Pell is offering METAGAME 2.0.0, a game-playing workbench for testing software or human play on variants of chess, checkers, Chinese chess, shogi, etc. The workbench can be used with Quintus or Sictus Prolog ( FTP metagame2.0.tar.Z (in binary mode) from users/bdp on Several PostScript papers are also available. [Chuck Morefield, 11/30/93.]