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Several large companies are using a UCLA computer program for diagnosing psychiatric problems. A 40-minute questionnaire results in a therapist's printout suggesting danger signs and treatment focus. [St. Petersburg Times, 5/19/93. EDUPAGE, 5/27/93.]

NIST and the Fashion Institute of Technology will be developing standards for the modeling of anthropometric data and clothing parameters. The goal is to make custom-designed and made-to-measure clothing competitive with ready-to-wear. The Defense Logistics Agency is also interested. [John G. Blair, (301) 975-4261. NIST UPDATE, 6/28.]

A new, interdisciplinary engineering company is forming in Lausanne, Switzerland, with emphasis on introducing innovative software tools. They are now looking for software products that they can use in advanced engineering projects for medium-sized companies. They will sell and support the software, use it for client projects, and broker the developers' services. Especially needed are "simplified" programs for preliminary studies, rapid prototyping, or quick costing, design, and bid write-up in new business areas. [L. Zago (,, 6/24/93.] (Few business representatives now attend AI conferences or read AI journals, so consultants and VARs may be the best vectors for commercial AI systems.)

Dr. Marco Lazzari is studying AI applied to civil engineering, and would appreciate any bibliographies, software leads, interest- group lists, or other FAQ materials that you can send. [e28bgid2,, 6/16/93.]