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Brian T. Rice is seeking people interesting in working on Slate, a new programming language combining dynamic elements of Self with the pattern-programming and abstractions of BETA, plus Lisp's abstract syntax tree, Smalltalk-80's recursive interpreter/compiler/interface, and a functional object semantics. (One interface project is a language and environment that is programmable by visual gestures and representations alone.) Slate's code will be released under GPL. A partial prototype has been implemented under Common Lisp. . [ or , comp.lang.lisp, 12Jan00.]

The CLISP expert system shell project has moved to . Source and binaries can be downloaded from or , with snapshots and diffs available at . CLISP mailing list subscribers must re-enroll in clisp-announce or the clisp-list discussion list (or clisp-devel maintainers' list) at . [Sam Steingold , comp.lang.lisp, 14Jan00.]

Digitool has recently released its MCL 4.3 (PPC) and MCL 3.4 (68k) Lisp environments for the Mac. . [Rainer Joswig , comp.lang.lisp, 15Jan00.]

Poplog is a multi-language environment developed at USussex. The core is POP-11, which is essentially a Lisp with a front-end parser:

define sum(list); if null(list) then 0 else hd(list) + sum(tl(list)) endif enddefine;

POP-11 has a built-in incremental code-generator for a virtual machine, supporting free implementations of Common Lisp, SML, Prolog, and Scheme. There is also an X-windows environment, with an editor and the ability to write X-applications. Host systems include many workstations, Linux, and Windows. , or for UMASS Scheme. [Robin Popplestone , comp.lang.scheme, 01Feb00.]

XLisp is another Mac Lisp, still going strong as part of Xlisp-Stat. . [Simon P. Blomberg , comp.lang.lisp, 17Jan00.]

For Lisp info and book recommendations, see and . [Andrew Cooke and Michael Hudson , comp.lang.lisp, 04Feb00.]

----- "Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests." -- Samuel Coleridge. -----