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If you want to check your email while you're on the road, you may be able to download it from your ISP using any Web browser. Your ISP has to offer POP3 capability, and you need to connect via MailStart at or ReadMail at . That way you can read your mail from a Kinko's, cybercafe, airport computer, or hotel rental. Other email and forwarding solutions may be found through the Free Email Address Directory at . [Phillip Robinson, SJM, 03May98, 1E.]

Everything E-Mail, about email, discussion lists, and other email-based services on the Internet, has moved to . 254 links. [, net-hap, 03Sep97.] (Particularly useful for travelers and for the visually impaired.)

JFAX can help you stay in touch while traveling. It offers local phone numbers -- in 80 cities in 8 countries -- that accept voice mail and faxes for delivery via the Internet, for $12.50/month. They've just added an 888 number where you can listen to your voice mail or to synthesized reading of your email and your fax headers, for $.25/minute. . [Newsweek, 11May98, p. 90.]