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The Loebner AI prize of $100K is now available, in a 12/15/95 competition. This 1995 "unrestricted Turing Test" will permit ASCII input only, but future competitors must accept audiovisual input. Applications to Hugh Loebner are due 11/1/95; there is no entry fee. Transcripts and scores from the 1991-4 competitions are available from <76557.1175>, 617-491-9020. [, 3/2/95. David Joslin.]

Marvin Minsky is offering a $100 "Minsky Loebner Prize Revocation Prize" to anyone who can get Hugh Loebner to end his "obnoxious and unproductive annual publicity campaign." [,, 3/3/95. David Joslin.]

Consumers consistently overestimate the intelligence of computer programs, particularly those that use language. Every time you see the words "intelligent agent," substitute "trainable ant." [Scientific American, 2/95, p. 28. Innovation. NewtNews. Bill Park.]

Johann Borenstein and other UMichigan scientists have compiled a 200-page survey of mobile robot positioning, "Where Am I? Sensors and Methods for Autonomous Mobile Robot Localization (UM-MEAM-94-21, 12/94)." 130 illustrations, 300 references. The entire report (sponsored by ORNL and DoE) can be downloaded as readme.txt, um_index.wp5, etc. from /people/johannb on A few printed copies are also available free. Updates will be published every six months, and project descriptions are solicited. [, 2/18/95.]

Andrew Clegg maintains a concise list of robotics-related conferences, symposia, etc. . [,, 3/1/95. David Joslin.]