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"KMi Stadium" is a Java-based experimental forum for multimedia "talk radio with graphics" events with 100K participants or more. (This requires a hierarchy of moderators to field audience questions and comments. Contact Adam Freeman to volunteer.) KMi Stadium is from the Open University's new Knowledge Media Institute. A prototype non-Java version is at . Obtain the RealAudio player from to listen to the KMi Stadium audio channel. [Marc Eisenstadt ,, 11/8/95. David Joslin.] (Guest speakers have been from the leading-edge communications community, which is nicely recursive.)

"The Outer Limits" TV show will soon be the object of a 5,000-player game from MGM Interactive and Worlds Inc. [Broadcasting & Cable, 10/23/95, p. 76. EDUPAGE.]

Music Encoding is a new mailing list for music representation and encoding: manuscripts, sound recordings, notional and logical representations, NIFF (Notation Interchange File Format), SMDL (Standard Music Description Language), whatever. Send a "subscribe" subject line to . [James K. Tauber ,, 10/31/95.]

"New Voices, New Visions" is an annual international artistic competition in digital media sponsored by Interval Research Corp. and The Voyager Company. Any subject, any computer platform, any format. Three $5K awards are given each year. or, 415-855-0788 Fax. [Sally Rosenthal , Stanford PCD seminar announcement, 11/13/95. Bill Park.] (Rosenthal's talk will be 11/17/95, 12:30-2:00pm, Skilling Auditorium.)