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A leap second will be inserted at 23:59:60 UTC (7:59:60 p.m. EDT) on 30Jun97, making this the longest summer since 1994. [, NIST Update, 27May97.]

An article in the J. of Systems Management last year defended 2-digit date fields, saying that they typically saved over $1M per gigabyte of total storage from 1963 through 1992. With investment, the savings might be $15M per gigabyte, a wise choice even considering the cost of fixing Year 2000 bugs. [WSJ, 06May97. EduP.]

Third Millennium Challenge (Amsterdam) is marketing CountDown watches that run backwards, counting the time remaining until the Year 2000. Over 35K have been sold in Europe. The North American distributor is Branco International Inc. [NewtNews, 27May97.]

WWW Calendar Generator v2 can make a calendar month by month. . Or, try . [26Dec96.]

A Walk Through Time provides ancient calendars. . [26Dec96.]

Another service will generate an Orthodox or Western Ecclesiastical calendar for any year after AD 325. . [26Dec96.]

Space Calendar lists celestial happenings by month. . [26Dec96.]