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There are approximately 2,000 anonymous FTP servers on the Internet. Code libraries include (DOS), (Mac), (including Mac OS through 7.0), and (3rd-party DEC software). The NCSA TELNET TCP/IP communications package for PCs is in, and Columbia University's AppleTalk Package is on [John S. Quarterman (, com-priv, 2/24/93.]

Complete archives of net-happenings, NETTRAIN, PACS-L, and several other lists are now available from the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI). Telnet to and log in as brsuser, or gopher to and access Coalition BRS-SEARCH Services, Search Coalition Databases. [net-hap, 9/10/93.]

The Machine Learning Repository at UCI provides data for evaluating machine-learning systems. Benchmarks for constraint satisfaction problems (CSP) are currently sought, along with any thoughts on creating such benchmarks. Both constraint logic programming (CLP) languages and ALICE (AIJ 10:29-127, 1978) are being considered. Eddie Schwalb ( [, 8/10.]

MIT's Center for Biological and Computational Learning has reports available for FTP. The compressed PostScript files are in ai-pubs/publications/1993 on [Reza Shadmehr (, connectionists, 8/16/93.]

If you enjoy fractured English and bad translations, FTP file docs/words-l/Funnies/translations from [Natalie Maynor (, LINGUIST, 9/9/93.]