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Akio Utsugi has collected pointers to sites using Java applets for NN and "artificial life" demonstrations. . [,, 9/12/96.]

Creatures is a new alife simulation game/environment from Millennium and Inscape. There's a Creatures chat discussion every Friday. See for the archive. [Patrick Kearney ,, 9/12/96.]

Need cellular automata tools, or maybe an alife screen saver? Zooland is a browser interface to several alife collections, including EUnet Deutschland's FTP server and The Santa Fe Institute's Alife Online. Access , , (in Europe), or download the Zooland interface from . [Joerg Heitkoetter ,, 8/28/96.]

SMB Digest from the Society for Mathematical Biology is online at . [Ray Mejia , newjour, 7/25/96.]