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AI CD-ROM contains software for AI, artificial life, robotics, virtual reality, etc., for a variety of operating systems. Also research papers, tutorials, and other texts in a variety of formats. $129 from Network Cybernetics Corp. (Irving, TX). [AI Magazine, Spring '93, p. 82.]

Apple (Cupertino) is shipping Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL) 2.0 with an incremental compiler, Common Lisp Object System (CLOS), and a library of CLOS objects (including Mac user interface objects). [AI Magazine, Spring '93, p. 83.] Lucid, Inc. (Menlo Park) will sell and support MCL with its own MACCLIM interface manager for platform-independent interfaces. [p. 84.]

Franz Inc. (Berkeley) offers Allegro CL/PC, a CLOS-based system for MS Windows applications. Blackboard Technology Group (Amherst, MA) has upgraded its GBB shell for Franz Common Lisp 4.1. [AI Magazine, Spring '93, p. 86.]

SCM, a GNU C-language Scheme for Amiga, Atari-ST, MacOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, NOS/VE, VMS, Unix, etc., is available in release scm4c0. Sources and libraries are in archive/scm on Related files are the HOBBIT compiler, JACAL symbolic-math program, TURTLSCM turtle graphics package, SMG-SCM interface, and XSCM X-windows interface. Cash donations are welcome. An IBM PC floppy disk with the source files and MSDOS and i386 MSDOS executables is $99.00 from Aubrey Jaffer, 84 Pleasant St., Wakefield MA 01880. [, comp.lang.scheme, 4/1/93.] scm4c0.tar.z and other "small z" files can be unzipped with the patent-free GNU gzip program from pub/gnu on

A pattern-matching macro package for Chez Scheme is available from Andrew Wright ( Use binary FTP to get match.tar.Z from public/wright on A copy will soon be available in the Scheme repository. [comp.lang.scheme, 4/10/93.]

Aquarius Prolog is a high-performance, portable Prolog available free in source and object form from UCB, USC, and DEC's Paris Research Laboratory. The compiler is built around the Berkeley Abstract Machine (BAM) optimization for general-purpose machines. An interpreter simplifies program development. The run-time system is similar to Quintus Prolog, but with two kinds of destructive assignment. Current platforms include ULTRIX, RISC/os, SunOS, and HP-UX. Send a "get aquarius-info readme-full" or "readme-enduser" message to for more information, or a "get aquarius-info license" message to arrange free access. Send a "sub aquarius-prolog your name" message to joint the mailing list. Or contact aquarius@acal- [Peter Van Roy (,, 4/1/93. Bill Park.]

The 3/93 draft ISO Prolog standard in PostScript form may be FTP'd from ai.prolog.standard on [Michael A. Covington (, comp.lang.prolog, 4/6/93.]

CADDIE (Control and Direction of Distributed Intelligent Agents), a dynamic/stochastic DAI testbed, is available from Dowty Command and Control Systems (Feltham, UK) after three years of DTI-funded development. Applications have been in aircraft scheduling and in modeling human response to chemical spills and other emergency situation. CADDIE is an object-oriented Unix client/server system using C++, ROCK, Prolog, and a CADDIE syntax to describe agents and their knowledge. For details, contact, +44-81-894-1916 Fax. [, DAI-List, 4/9/93.]