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I'm mailing this issue from the SRI AI Center mailer, but will be moving to ONElist for mailings later this week. ONElist will probably send you two or three "welcome messages" for each digest subscription that I enter. 'Sorry for the redundancy; it's not under my control.

If you have never subscribed to a ONElist list before, one of those messages will ask you to send a confirming reply or visit the ONElist website and register in person. At the website, you can optionally enter your name and various other myProfile demographics, some of which will [optionally] be made public to other Computists on these lists. (I've enabled ONElist's semi-public directory feature, since all but four Computists have been happy to be listed on our own website.) If you object to ONElist having even your email address, let me know immediately. ONElist promises -- for whatever that's worth -- that it won't sell your name and data to others, although it will expose you to targeted banner ads on their website and on each email message it sends.

If you confirm your registration by email, it is possible that your mailer will choke on an equal sign embedded in the reply address. If so, try putting quotation marks around the name portion of the address: "...your=address" That works on my ancient Unix-based mailer.

Once you are registered, further list sign-ups shouldn't require confirmation. You can visit to manage your subscriptions, including vacation pause/resume capability. Your myONElist page will have a link to each newsletter "community," including archived messages. You may also have to go there -- or contact me -- if three days of mailer bounces cause your digest deliveries to be halted.

Let me know if your expected digests don't arrive. I will be less aware of bounced messages than in the past, so you may have to visit the archives at or (with a delay of two issues) at to read any missed issue.

----- "This statement is in no way to be construed as a disclaimer." -----