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The UMBC agentWeb site is active again, now at . UMBC's agentNews newsletter will also be revived soon. Topics include agent technology of all kinds -- intelligent, mobile, communicative, cooperative, believable, physical, interfaces, etc. The "AgentWeb Classic" site from two years ago will be maintained but not updated. Contact for information.

Tim Finin says they've rebuilt agentWeb using Jose Vidal's bk2site tool for converting a Netscape bookmark tree into a Yahoo-like site. "Now any yahoo can be a Yahoo!" . [,, 03Jan00.]

The ICMAS-00 Trading Agent Competition will pit software agents against each other in a challenging "travel coordinator" market game. The agents must buy travel packages (of flights, hotel rooms, and entertainment tickets) in electronic auctions. Agents communicate with a Michigan Internet AuctionBot via a TCP-based agent programming interface. Simple example agents are available in a variety of platforms and programming languages. Register by 15Apr00. The final round of the competition will be held at the ICMAS-00 TAC workshop on 08Jul00, in Boston. or . [Peter Wurman , 05Jan00.]

-- Ken