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Nominations for the Alan T. Waterman Award to an outstanding young scientist, mathematician, or engineer are due 12/31/95. Contact Susan Fannoney, National Science Board Office, (703) 306-1096. [NSF Bulletin, 9/95.]

Announcements have now been printed for NSF's "Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry" (NSF 95-112) and the GOALI "FY 1996 Guidelines for EHR, ENG and GEO" (NSF 95-111). GOALI supports industry-university linkages in high-risk/high-gain research, innovative collaborative educational programs, and direct transfer of new knowledge. PIs must contact program directors before submitting proposals. Several directorates have created "opportunity funds," "matching funds," or special GOALI programs. A list of 120 proposals funded in the past two years is available from coordinator Mike Roco, 703-306-1371. [Maria Zemankova , dbworld, 9/6/95.]

The new NSF Grant Policy Manual is publication NSF 95-26, effective 10/1/95. It incorporates changes since 1988, including the new NSF Investigator Financial Disclosure Policy. This manual documents NSF's award cycle from issuance through administration and close-out. One copy of GPM will be sent to each grantee organization; others can be ordered from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402; (202) 512-1800. Or download nsf9526s.txt (a change summary) and then nsf9526.txt from Address questions to ; 703-306-1243. [Jean Feldman, grants, 8/8/95.] (Or ask your program director about policies, but don't take the answers as gospel.)

HTML and possibly Word 6.0 versions of the new NSF manuals are on the NSF home page, under both "Grants and Programs Areas" and "Info and Pubs." [grants, 8/16/95.] (Write to for instructions on retrieving NSF resources. The FTPable Word 6.0 files on have names such as form1030.doc.)

You can also download an updated Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 95-27) and Proposal Forms Kit (NSF 95-28). The PFK is available as nsf9528.txt, or nsf9528.doc formatted in Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0, and can be used for electronic proposal submissions. Printed versions of GPG and PFK are available from the NSF Forms and Publications Unit, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room P15, Arlington, VA 22230; (703) 306-1130. [Maria Zemankova , IR-List, 8/21/95.]

(Did I mention that Maria Zemankova returned on 9/1/94 to run NSF's Database and Expert Systems program again, after 14 months at MITRE? Welcome back, Database Mama! She welcomes proposals for next-generation database research.)

Links to funding-information resources can be found on , from the Amherst College Foundation and Corporate Support Office. [Lorrie O'Brien , grants-l, 7/31/95.]

The McDonnell-Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience is sponsored by the James S. McDonnell Foundation (St. Louis) and The Pew Charitable Trusts (Philadelphia) to promote the development of cognitive neuroscience and the brain mechanisms of higher-order human psychological functions (e.g., vision, language, planning, and problem-solving). $23M has been awarded since 1990, for interdisciplinary research unlikely to be funded elsewhere. Investigator-initiated grants can be for $35K/year for 3 years, including up to 10% overhead. Preference will be given to interdisciplinary collaborations and training proposals with long-term benefits. There are no US citizenship restrictions, nor must the proposed work be conducted at a US institution, providing the sponsoring organization qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS guidelines. Center grants are not currently offered, nor will this program support dissertation research, workshops, or conferences. Apply by 2/26/96, for awards announced in 6/96. Dr. Susan M. Fitzpatrick , McDonnell-Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience, James S. McDonnell Foundation, 1034 South Brentwood Blvd., Suite 1610, St. Louis, MO 63117; 314-721-1532. [Stephen Hanson , connectionists, 8/30/94.] (314-721-7421 Fax, I think. A WWW page will be announced soon.)