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Yeah! Hooray for McDonnell-Pew! Funding doesn't have to pass through NSF, NIH, or ARPA. We should have "someone" (TM) out raising funds for private foundations, just as venture capitalists raise funds and skim off a bit for their own support. There should be a meta-level foundation for that purpose. Plenty of successful farmers, actors, business people, etc., want to will their money to good causes -- that's the capital that colleges and universities court for their endowments. We should have other money-raising strategies, besides taxation and distribution by government. Why aren't our professional societies doing this? Any volunteers for entrepreneurial careers in nonprofit foundation management?

Free access to the Securities and Exchange Commission's Edgar database of corporate filings was to have expired 9/30/95, but the SEC intends to keep it open. [IBD, 8/29/95, A9. EDUPAGE.] (Score one for the Internet idealists. They secured grant funding for the free access in the hope that public access to public records would be addictive.)

The Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) is closing on 10/1/95, which leaves about 35 highly qualified technology and policy analysts looking for work. For their CVs, contact Kirsten Oldenburg , +(1-202) 228-6359, +(1-202) 228-6833 Fax. [Aerospace Daily, 8/28/95. Al Underbrink.]

With no OTA, agencies are free to run their own studies. Your input is solicited on a US Air Force study of future air and space capabilities required to support national and international security by 2025. See for details. Student participation is welcome. <2025%[email protected]>, (334) 953-4962; or , (334) 953-7676), (334) 953-7154 Fax. [Thomas S. Kelso , net-hap, 8/26/95.]