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JPL's AI Group and Machine Learning Systems Group need BS/MS/PhD programmers and scientists in planning/scheduling, intelligent systems monitoring/diagnosis, machine learning/data mining, and pattern recognition/image understanding for "research leading to unique software applications in spacecraft autonomy, scientific data analysis, and mission operations automation." Unix/C/Lisp. Helpful: statistics, applied mathematics, signal processing, operations research, economics, or image processing. Richard J. Doyle , Technical Section Manager, Information Systems Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 525-3660, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109-8099. [Steve Chien , ai-jobs, 9/5/95.] (Also BA/MA, of course, with degrees related to CS or EE.)

Columbia University needs a postdoc in NLP, statistical analysis, and language generation to build a system for text representation and summarization. Kathleen McKeown and Judith Klavans . [ai-jobs, 8/30/95.]

MCC needs a PhD Sr. MTS (or MS MTS) for its InfoSleuth project for semantic agents on WWW and corporate networks. Lisp/Prolog/C++; AI, intelligent agents, knowledge representation, technical marketing. . , MCC, ATTN: Human Resources Dept., P.O. Box 200195, Austin, TX 78720 [OCC, m.j.o, 8/30/95. Ken Barker.]

MITRE (Eatontown, NJ) is still looking for BS AI personnel in user interfaces, constraint management, planning, and expert systems. Also programmers for combat/communications modeling and simulation, etc. , The MITRE Corporation, Corporate Recruitment, Dept. MZ/NJOCC, 7525 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3481. . [m.j.o, 8/28/95.]

Entropic Research Laboratory (DC and Menlo Park) needs experienced real-time programmers with theoretical background in Unix/C speech coding, vector quantization, speaker/channel normalization, hybrid speech synthesis, LPC analysis/synthesis, and HMM-based speech recognition. GUI programmers are also needed. Personnel Department , Entropic Research Laboratory, Suite 202, 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003; (202) 546-6648 Fax. [David Talkin , comp.speech, 8/28/95.]

Southwestern Bell Technology Resources still needs an experienced MS MTS system engineer in real-time speech and language technology, automated speech recognition (ASR), text to speech (TTS), speaker identity verification (SIV), speech coding, speech database development, etc. S. Johnson , Human Resources Department, SBTR, 9505 Arboretum Boulevard, Austin, TX 78759; (512) 372-5591 Fax. [m.j.o, 8/28/95.]

A Boston-area company needs an MS/PhD software R&D engineer to develop decision support tools for telecommunications network management. AI/expert systems/knowledge engineering experience required (esp. ART/IM and CLIPS); publications helpful. Relocation paid. Neel Sen Gupta, Minuteman Technical Service, Inc., PO Box 193, Lexington, MA 02173; 617-861-7493; 617-863-8810 Fax. [, m.j.o, 9/1/95.]

Lockheed Martin Research Labs, AI Center (Palo Alto), Data Mining Group, needs programmers, researchers, and data analysts at all levels, for contract research and the Recon Data Mining System. (Recon combines deductive database technologies, symbolic induction, and data visualization. See Simoudis, Livezey, and Kerber in Proc. of Knowledge Discovery in Databases '94, or the chapter in Goonatilake & Kebal's Intelligent Hybrid Systems.) Machine learning, applied statistics, SAS programming, deductive databases, data visualization, Prolog, RDBMS, or GUI development (in Tcl/Tk). Attn: Susan R. Troccolo or , DANTE Associates; (415) 326-5969 or (408) 742-6194 high-res Fax. [ai-jobs, 8/27/95.]

Quadrillion Corp. needs an MS machine-learning specialist for its Q-YIELD quality-control analysis package. Must know C++ and decision trees, neural nets, or genetic algorithms. Preference to Canadian citizens. Competitive salary and an equity stake. Michael Weider , Quadrillion Corp., 302 Legget Drive, Suite 200, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 1Y5; (613) 832-0547 Fax. [ai-jobs, 8/31/95.]