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D-Lib Magazine covers digital library research projects, progress, and debates. . D-Lib Forum is sponsored by the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) task group of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC). William Y. Arms . [Amy Friedlander , newjour, 7/19/95.]

DIGLIB is a moderated digital-libraries list for librarians, information scientists, and other information professionals. Send a "subscribe diglib your name" message to . . [Zimanyi Magdolna , NEW-LIST, 8/25/95.]

ETEXTCTR Review offers abstracts of current journal articles for researchers and librarians building electronic text centers. Mary Mallery . [newjour, 5/23/95.]

The NewNIR-L list for library/network information retrieval has closed, due to the moderator's time constraints. [Fabio Metitieri , NEW-LIST, 8/24/95. net-hap.]

Remember the phenakistoscope, teleharmonium, Telefon Hirmondo, stereopticon, or Morton Heilig's early virtual reality? How about Edison wax cylinders, pneumatic transfer tubes, magic lanterns, or the Big Character Poster Democracy Wall in Peking? Authors Bruce Sterling and Richard Kadrey are proposing that someone write a scholarly book about such dead media. "We need a book about the failures of media, the collapses of media, the supercessions of media, the strangulations of media, a book detailing all the freakish and hideous media mistakes that we should know enough now not to repeat, a book about media that have died on the barbed wire of technological advance, media that didn't make it, martyred media, dead media. THE HANDBOOK OF DEAD MEDIA. A field guide for the communications paleontologist." Sterling and Kadrey are hoping to start a newsgroup and WWW-accessible FAQ, to help anyone who wants to write such a book. [ and . Bill Park, 8/25/95.]