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Vice President of Content is a new US job title, responsible for acquiring or creating Internet products and services -- including basic offerings, joint ventures, strategic alliances. [Carol Kleiman, SJM, 8/13/95, 1PC.]

CDR-L is an unmoderated discussion of CD ROM mastering. Send a "sub cdr-l your name" message to . [Robert Moss , NEW-LIST, 8/29/95.]

AMKDEV is a mailing list about the Apple Media Kit and related multimedia development tools, utilities, and authoring issues. Send a "subscribe AMKDEV your name" message to . [Gess Shankar , NEW-LIST, 8/18/95.]

SGML Newswire forwards news items and resource leads for the SGML document description language. Send a "SUBSCRIBE your name" message to . . [Terry Brien , comp.text.sgml, 8/28/95.]

ACROBAT is a new list for [unofficial] discussion of Adobe's Acrobat program for displaying page images. Send a "subscribe" or "subscribe digest" message to . [Todd Howard , NEW-LIST, 8/3/95.]

PDF-L is another list about Adobe Acrobat and its portable document format (PDF). Send a "subscribe pdf-l your name " message to . [Kurt Foss , NEW-LIST, 8/3/95.]

(A problem with Acrobat, which Adobe says it will address, is that blind readers cannot extract text from formatted page images. Even two-column text is too difficult for most automated reading software. WWW authors should caption their images, or provide other self-sufficient text.)

MIT Press has released the first two articles of its peer-reviewed Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science (CJTCS), developed with a $150K grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Over 300 libraries are subscribed, at $125 ($30 individual) plus 7% GST in Canada. Coverage includes computational complexity theory, distributed computing, logic in computer science, database theory, logics of programming, computational geometry, algorithms, and combinatorics. Readers can control the format of displayed LaTeX/Postscript articles, and are free to use the articles in all but competing commercial projects. See for further details, and for a standardized version of LaTeX. MIT Press Journals , 617-253-2889, 617-258-6779 Fax. [Joan K. Lippincott , IR-List, 8/21/95.]

The VLDB Journal for very-large-database research will be taken over by Springer-Verlag starting 1/1/96. Electronic distribution is planned, with archival hardcopy to follow. , +49-30-82070, +49-30-8207448 Fax. [Arie Shoshani , dbworld, 9/1/95.]

Can't find time to read Scientific American? See for a table of contents with short paragraphs summarizing the articles. [Bill Park , 8/21/95.] (Will this sell subscriptions and news stand copies, or will it satisfy the need for personal "alerting" with no subscription revenue to the publisher? Interesting question. When in doubt, it's best to let information flow freely.)