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If it passes the joint committee, this year the US Dept. of Education will get $500K for an Office of Educational Technology (starting 10/1/93). Another $5M will go the the states for educational technology planning. [D. Bybee, ISTE. Connie Stout ([email protected]), net-hap, 9/29/93.] (Good news for CAI? Or just for networking?)

The Int. Assoc. for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union is calling for declarations of intent for joint scientific research and networking projects. Member nations of the association include most of Europe but not the US. Proposals should involve at least two European states, with one as project coordinator; funding will support scientists from the FSU. Contact Secretariat of the IAPCSISFSU, Square de Meeus, 8, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium, +32-2-296 33 08 Fax, by 10/15/93. [Elena Biryukova ([email protected]), BIOMCH-L. RESEARCH, 10/6/93.]

An announcement for the 22nd Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop caught my eye. This is to be October 13-15 in Washington, DC. (DC conferences draw participants from government funding agencies.) Congresswoman Jane Harmon will speak on "Defense Reinvestment." Fundable problems are in environment and global change; medical and biotechnology; security and law enforcement; document image understanding; object and target recognition; and intelligent highways. Contact Joan Lurie, (310) 814-8690, or J. Michael Selander ([email protected]). [Laurel Harmon ([email protected]), Neuron Digest, 9/29/93.] (If the vision problems are ever solved, markets will open up for AI reasoning. Now might be a good time to start collaborations.)

(Speaking of law enforcement, the FBI is offering a $1M reward for information leading to the capture of the "university bomber(s)". The phrases "Nathan R." and "F.C." have been associated with several bombs. [NOW Magazine, NBC, 10/6/93.])