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UNorth Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Dept. of Mathematics has a tenure-track opening in CS, especially AI, SE, programming languages, and systems. J.E. Vaughan, Greensboro, NC 27412. [Jie Wang ([email protected]),, 9/30/93.]

USouth Carolina has tenure-track CS openings. [email protected]. [forsythe, 9/30/93. Dan Corkill ([email protected]).]

Oregon State University needs a 1-year postdoc in parallel- computing tools for programmers. Apply to Cherri M. Pancake ([email protected]) by 10/11/93. [forsythe, 9/29/93. Dan Corkill.]

UMaryland Baltimore County has several tenure-track CS openings, esp. in architecture, networks, SE, GUI, OS, DB, parallel and distributed processing, and scientific computation. CS Faculty Search, Baltimore, MD 21228-5398; (410) 455-3000, (410) 455-3969 Fax. [forsythe, 9/30/93. Dan Corkill.]

Duke University has three tenure-track CS openings, esp. in experimental systems (parallel architectures, compilers, multimedia) and scientific computing. Apply by 2/15/94 to Jeff Vitter ([email protected]). Duke also needs an assistant professor of CS. Apply by 2/15/94 to Owen L. Astrachan, Durham, NC 27708- 0129. [forsythe, 10/1/93. Dan Corkill.]

Arizona State University invites nominations for Chair of the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering. [email protected]. [[email protected], forsythe, 10/1/93. Dan Corkill.]

St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN) has two tenure-track CS openings. Apply by 2/15/94 to csdept [m.j.o, 10/4/93.]

UMinnesota is seeking CS faculty, esp. in computer architecture, SE, multimedia and distributed systems, and geometric and symbolic computing. Apply by 1/14/94 to Chair, Faculty Recruiting Committee, Depart. of CS, 4-192 EE/CS Building, UMN, 200 Union Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455. [forsythe, 10/4/93. Dan Corkill.]

UFlorida (Gainesville), CIS Dept., has tenure-track openings in SE, programming languages, parallel processing, and related areas. Sartaj Sahni ([email protected]), (904) 392-1211. [forsythe, 10/4/93. Dan Corkill.]

SUNY Stony Brook is seeking CS and CIS faculty, esp. in graphics, UI, visualization, parallel computing, networks, OS, computer architecture, and information systems. I.V. Ramakrishnan ([email protected]), (516) 632-8451/8471. [forsythe, 10/4/93. Dan Corkill.]

UAlberta's Laboratory for Database Systems Research has a postdoc opening in object-oriented multimedia data management. M. Tamer Ozsu ([email protected]), +403-492-1071 Fax. [bworld, 9/29/93.]

Imperial College (London), Signal Processing Section, needs a 3-year research assistant in speaker-independent speech recognition. Unix/C, linear algebra, statistics. Mike Brookes ([email protected]). [Ewan Klein (ewan, ELSNET, 10/1/93.]

ULeeds (England), AI Div., Centre for Computer Analysis of Language And Speech (CCALAS), needs a 3-year PhD research fellow in computational linguistics to map between the syntactic annotation schemes of different ragged and parsed corpora. Apply by 11/1 to Eric S. Atwell ([email protected]), 0532 335468 Fax. [ELSNET, 10/4/93.]

UEdinburgh Dept. of AI needs an MS/PhD researcher in computer vision and robotics to study use of range data for extracting grasp points. 18 months, 13K-15K pounds/year. Robert Fisher ([email protected]), (44)-31-225-9370 Fax. [comp.robotics, 10/4/93.]

USussex, CS and AI Group, has an immediate need for a researcher to build a stochastic-optimizing parser for natural English. Geoffrey Sampson ([email protected]). [Richard Coates ([email protected]), LINGUIST, 10/5/93.]

The Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics (Berkeley, CA), needs several graduate research assistants to write intelligent code and interfaces for scheduling, telescope monitoring, data collection, and analysis. Also needed is software for proposal submission, processing, and acceptance over the Internet. Andrew Mayer ([email protected]), Heuristicrats Research Inc., (510) 845-5810 x629, (510) 845-4405 Fax. [ Bill Park, 10/5/93.]

Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne, IL) needs a full-time BS software engineer for C/C++ development. Expertise desired in AI, modeling and simulation, OOP and OODB, GIS and remote sensing, applied mathematics and numerical analysis, or physical, earth, and life sciences. John Christiansen ([email protected]). [Kathy Simunich ([email protected]),, 10/5/93.]

A Los Angeles-area client needs an experienced US MS/PhD intelligent-systems engineer to develop Unix/Mac C/C++/Lisp/OSPS-5 applications in decision support for situation assessment, data fusion, and tactical planning. Lynne Freedman ([email protected]), (818) 905-9895 Fax. [[email protected], m.j.o, 9/27/93.]