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Sign up now for Navigating the Internet: Let's go Gopherin', a free email course on Internet Gopher use. Richard J. Smith ( and Jim Gerland (gerland will be teaching it from 10/18/93 through early 11/93. Send a "sub gophern your name" message to to register. [PACS-L, 9/22/93.]

Gopher Jewels is a list of gopher sites by subject category. FTP the current list as gopher-jewels.txt in /pub on A hypertext version is available as gopher-jewels.html. [David Riggins (, net-hap, 9/28/93.]

Hebrew University of Jerusalem has an experimental server for information on Israeli R&D projects. Telnet to and log in as "mop". Contact Dov Wiener ( or Jacob Bar ( to receive Dr. Shay Cahana's "Advanced Technologies from Israel," a hardcopy or electronic newsletter tracking Israeli R&D projects. It's from the Israeli Industry Center for Research and Development (MATIMOP), Tel Aviv. [net-hap, 9/8/93.] (Wiener also maintains JEWISHNET, a list of special-interest lists available on the Ben Gurion University Gopher. [Dana Noonan (noonan@msus1.bitnet),, 6/23/93. net-hap.])

The CINFOLINK Directory of Information Services in China (1993-1994) is a guide to databases and networks in Hong Kong and the PRC. Some of the 325 information sources are available on CD ROM or diskette. The 120-page English edition is $50 + $2.50 postage ($6 outside NA) from Espial Production Ltd. (, 85 Roe Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5M 2H6, Canada. [Kerry Hu (, 9/24/93. net-hap.]

MIT Media Lab's ACCESS Service lists projects, sponsors, publications, and theses. FTP files from the access directory on You can also contact online-world- to join a discussion of e-publishing and the future of newspapers. The volume is low. An archive may soon be available. [Gilberte Houbart (, CARR-L, 8/23/93.]

The Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) at West Virginia University has a gopher server for abstracts, technical reports, and back issues of the discontinued journal Concurrent Engineering Research in Review. Connect to, or FTP tech reports from pub/techReports on [Mary Carriger (,, 9/2/93.]

An NSF-funded Mathematics Archives for university-level mathematics teachers has moved to UTennessee on FTP and gopher access. [Larry Husch (,, 9/23/93. EDTECH, net-hap.]

To build maps, you need coordinates. Brygg Ullmer makes maps of the Internet by extracting domains from host names, using the whois server to get city and state descriptors, and then querying the martini Geography server for latitude and longitude. The latter can be reached by telnet to 3000. [, Bill Park, 9/21/93.]

UCork has an email-based Acronym Server. Send a "help" message to [Dana Noonan (noonan @msus1.bitnet),, 6/23/93. net-hap.] (NNEWS is an online newsletter for librarians.)