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A.D.A.M. Software Inc. (Marietta, GA) is creating Adam, an interactive simulation of a cadaver. Anatomy students can operate on the foot and lower leg, and the knee and hip models are almost finished. Upper regions may take another two years. Then comes Eve, of course. [AP, SJ Mercury, 8/25.] (The Life and Death game for the Mac lets you operate on live patients! You can only do appendectomies and aortal repairs, though, and the sequence of actions is strictly limited.)

Humancad, a division of Biomechanics Corp. of America (Melville, NY) sells the Mannequin program for CAD-based biometric modeling on PCs. Even the fingers are articulated and parameterized by age, sex, race, and body type. Applications include furniture and tool design, architectural walk-throughs, courtroom recreation of accidents, and use in graphic arts. [NY Times. SJ Mercury, 8/25.] (Other such programs are available on workstations. Use for graphic display of geometric reasoning could be an interesting project.)