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Apple will stop producing Newtons and eMates. Steve Jobs says Apple has to focus all of its efforts on extending the Macintosh operating system. The Newton division has been losing money. [K. Oanh Ha, SJM, 28Feb98, 1C.] (Apple is apparently still working on fitting a simplified Macintosh computer and color screen into a Newton case. [TidBITS, 16Feb98.])

"Trying to get a read on Apple Computer is a lot like learning about quantum physics; you can never know Apple's position on a technology and its direction simultaneously." -- Mark Pesce. [, QOTD, 18Feb98.]

Steve Holden's NewtNews newsletter has moved from email to Web delivery (for now), at . (Steve is finishing up his SDSU thesis on software agents, and can't put in as many pro bono hours as he used to.) [, 01Mar98.] (That's the problem with free services: even when they're good, they're fragile. But then, so was the Newton. NewtNews will continue to cover related handheld technologies.)