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Leonardo, the J. of the Int. Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology, offers a home page, articles, gallery, sound files, and forum at . [newjour, 5/28/96.]

cti-art-design is a CTI-sponsored list about computers and software in higher-education fine art and design courses. Send a "join cti-art-design your name" message to . [, new-lists, 6/18/96.]

Acropolis is "the magazine of Acrobat publishing," published only in Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf). Free on . [. Alex Edelman , newjour, 6/18/96.]

The AMKDEV mailing list covers the Apple Media Kit (AMK) cross-platform multimedia development tool. Send a "subscribe amkdev your name" message to . [Gess Shankar , NEW-LIST, 6/6/96.]

Over 30K stock science photos can be found on . Hank Morgan Photography. [net-hap, 8/1/95. Ken Barker.]

If you generate murals or other computer art, or even business cards, how do you print them out? OUT-OPTS is about hardcopy options for artists, publishers, and marketeers. Send a "subscribe out-opts" message to . [David E. Le Vine , NEW-LIST, 2/15/96.]