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The Slate Gallery, from Slate magazine, features month-long exhibitions of original interactive-media art -- for pay! Approx. 100K visits/month. . Discuss proposed works with David S. Bennahum . [MEME, 10/2/96.]

Peter Fingar is co-authoring a book on Intelligent Agent Technology for Business, and would like to receive reports or lessons that he can include. , (813) 251-5531. [DAI-List, 9/29/96.]

Academic Press is introducing a new International Series in Formal Methods, under series editor Michael G. Hinchey . "Formal methods" refers to mathematical techniques for the specification, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware. . Potential authors should contact Hinchey or Academic Press commissioning editor Kate Brewin . [, 10/8/96.] (The first volume is "Teaching and Learning formal Methods," by Dean, Hinchey, and Limerick. See the announcement in our CRS digest this week.)

Knowledge Engineering Review (KER), based in the UK, is soliciting articles, tutorials, book and software reviews, etc. Contact North American associate editor Adele Howe , or see . [10/16/96.]

IEEE Internet Computing is a new bimonthly "to help the engineer use the technologies and resources of the Internet." Topics include WWW, Java, system engineering, mobile agents, message protocols, engineering ontologies, web scaling, intelligent search, online catalogs, distributed document authoring, electronic design notebooks, electronic libraries, security, remote instruction, distributed project management, electronic commerce, and intranets. Papers are solicited by Charles Petrie . . [Agostino Poggi , DAI-List, 10/3/96.]

Scaling the Internet; IEEE Internet Computing. 11/15/96; Frank Maurer . [Ibid.]

Internet project coordination; IEEE Internet Computing. 1/15/97; Miro Benda . [Ibid.]

Agents; IEEE Internet Computing. 3/15/97; Munindar Singh . [Ibid.]

Intranets; IEEE Internet Computing. 5/15/97; William C. Regli . [Ibid.]

Internet economics; IEEE Internet Computing. 7/15/97; Charles Petrie . [Ibid.]

Information organization and retrieval methods on the Internet; The Public-Access Computer Systems Review. Pat Ensor . . [IRLIST, 10/7/96.]

Interacting with computers; Human Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval. 1/30/97; Chris Johnson . [IRLIST, 10/7/96.]

Methods in researching online; J. of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC). 11/1/96. . [, sci.anthropology, 10/6/96.]

Computer processes for virtual organizations; J. of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC) and Organization Science. 3/1/97. . [, sci.anthropology, 10/6/96.]

Social informatics; J. of the American Society for Information Science (JASIS), early 1998. 1/15/97; Carol Anne Hert , (812) 855-9763, (812) 855-6166 Fax. . [IRLIST, 10/7/96.]

Distributed AI in medicine over the World Wide Web: Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, mid-1998. 3/30/96; Marco Ramoni , +44 (1908) 655721, +44 (1908) 653169 Fax. . [dbworld, 10/15/96.]

Learning in games; Games and Economic Behavior, 5/98. 1/31/97; David K. Levine . [sci.econ.research, 10/3/96.]

Radial basis functions networks; Neurocomputing. 12/15/96; V. David Sanchez A. , +1 (954) 723-2744 Fax. [DeLiang Wang , connectionists, 10/14/96.]

Computational finance; Algorithmica, 6/30/98. 6/1/97; Ming Y. Kao . [misc.invest, 10/11/96.]

Software component maintenance and reuse through evolutionary programming technology; Int. J. of Applied Software Technology (IJAST). 12/14/96; David C. Rine , 703-993-1530, 703-993-3729 Fax. [,, 10/11/96.]