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Friendly Machines claims to be selling the first "systematic and automatic" lawn mower, and is developing an autonomous vacuum cleaner, floor polishers, and a golf cart that follows you around. . [Bill Park , 28Jun98.] (The lawn mower learns the shape of your lawn, as opposed to others that wander at random or sense buried wires.)

Artificial Intelligence in NDT is a new discussion list about AI for nondestructive materials testing, including knowledge-based systems, soft computing, visualization, and robotics. Subscribe via . [C. Rajagopalan . ,, 29Jun98. David Joslin.]

Want to interface PCs to motors, temperature sensors, infrared sensors, etc.? See for tutorials. [Paul Oh , comp.robotics.misc, 01Jul98.]

Control Engineering Online is a magazine for process control engineers. . [, newjour, 18Dec97.]

IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI) covers computer vision, AI, knowledge representation, and machine learning. . [Rangachar Kasturi , newjour, 29Aug97.]

Neural Network World is a bimonthly hardcopy journal about neurocomputing, from Prague. $120 in the US and Canada, from , (208) 529-0381 fax. [Frank Starman , 08Sep97.]

Mathematics and engineering: (Ed. by Jason Westmacott.)

The Virtual Museum of Computing offers hyperlinks and exhibits about the history of computing. . [Amnon Till , net-hap, 25Feb98.]

"Computers: From the Past to the Present" is a well-presented history of computing. . [, BESTWEB, 26Feb98.]

Good math sites include Mega-Maths at and Math HomeWork (with LiveAudio) at . [Arun Kumar Tripathi , 10Oct97.]

Dave's Math Tables offers lots of math tables on one site, plus math chat help. . [Amnon Till , net-hap, 19Oct97.]

Math Search Engine indexes more than 140K documents on mathematics and statistics. . [Cecilia Franco White , 24Feb98.]

CS Catalyst is a Web journal about computer-aided chemistry. for the e-version. [13Jul98.]

The J. of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences is now online at . [George W.A. Milne , newjour, 24Sept97.]

The J. of Computers and Geosciences is devoted to all aspects of computing in the geosciences. Full access free through 1998. . [, newjour, 09Feb98.]

The Xerox Disclosure Journal (XDJ) is a bimonthly in-house publication by Xerox Corp. for patent and intellectual property purposes. . [, newjour, 15Dec97.]

Freak Technology Update is a free e-magazine about revolutionary new inventions, discoveries, and technologies. Subscribe at or write to or . [Knud Soerensen , NEW-LIST, 12Feb98.]

Philosophy journals: (Ed. by Steve Berglie.)

Tekhnema is an e-journal -- from the print journal of the same title -- about relations between philosophy and technology. or . [, newjour, 21Oct97.]

HYLE is a journal for the philosophy of chemistry, including epistemological, methodological, foundational, and ontological problems. English and German. . [, newjour, 21Oct97.]

E-LOGOS is a Czech-language e-journal about epistemology, history of philosophy, logic, and the philosophies of language, mind, and science. Send a "subscribe your name" message to . . [Karel Pstruzina , newjour, 21Oct97.]

HOST is an e-bulletin of research notes for the history and philosophy of science and technology. Contact the editor, Julian Smith . [newjour, 21Oct97.]