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Australian Artifical Intelligence Institute Technical Notes is an e-journal of recent work at AAII. "Frequently unpolished, preliminary thoughts or results, occasionally on highly specialised topics." . [newjour, 9/24/96.]

The Bayesian Network Interchange Format helps researchers evaluate or collaborate on belief networks and Bayesian network tools. . [UMBC AgentNews Webletter, 10/14/96.]

Internet standards for interchange calendaring and scheduling data are the subject of . [UMBC AgentNews Webletter, 10/14/96.]

The UMBC AgentNews webletter is updated monthly at . [Timothy Finin , 10/15/96.]

BISC-DBM is a database mining interest group from the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC). To join, contact Lawrence Mazlack . [dbworld, 8/29/96.]

Online Virtual Reality is a compliation of VR/VRML links and information. . [Zach Nelson , net-hap, 6/26/96.]

NanoNews Update is a Nanothinc website weekly news section covering nanotechnology and related topics. . [Tess Mercer ,, 9/23/96. David Joslin.]

The Martian Chronicle isJPL's Mars Exploration newsletter. Past and current issues are at . [James Porteous , inet-news, 8/8/96. newjour.]

Scientific Computing & Automation magazine is a monthly publication to 72K scientists and engineers. . [<>, net-hap, 9/28/96.]

There's an interesting WWW science site from The Next Step TV show, at . For more about the show, see . [Bill Park , 8/26/96.]

-- Ken