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ADV-CGI is a moderated discussion of all applications of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) for interactive websites. Send a "subscribe adv-cgi your name" message to . [Adam Donahue , NEW-LIST, 4/24/96.]

The VBScript discussion list covers Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition. Send a "subscribe vbscript your-email-address" or "digest vbscript your-email-address" message to . See also and for developer info. [inetannc, NEW-LIST, 4/20/96.]

ActiveXScript is for discussion of Microsoft's OLE scripting engines and the use of OLE scripting languages (other than VBScript). Send a "subscribe activexscript your-email-address" or "digest activexscript your-email-address" message to . For more information about ActiveX Script, see . [inetannc, NEW-LIST, 4/27/96.]

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) has a resource site at . [Network News, 3/24/96.]

DocObj is a discussion list for OLE Document Objects and DocObj container applications. Send a "subscribe docobj your-email-address" or "digest docobj your-email-address" message to . For more information about DocObj, see and . [inetannc, NEW-LIST, 4/27/96.]

Literary agent Bill Adler, Jr., is looking for new books on ActiveX, Live Wire Pro, groupware, Java, VRML, videoconferencing, graphics programming, data mining, etc. Ask for his short guide to writing book proposals. Adler & Robin Books Literary Agency (DC), or , 202-363-7410. . [<>, m.j.contract, 4/15/96.]