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ART-C RESOURCE is INSEA-L's list of discussion groups and gophers for art and music: origami, quilting, graphics, landscape architecture, barbershop quartets, etc. INSEA is the International Society for Education through Art. Send a "sub insea-l your name" message to [NEWEDU-L, 4/20/94. Vickie Banks (, EDTECH. net-hap.] (I presume that a "get insea-l art-c" or "get index" message gets the file.)

The Kaleidospace web server from Kaleidoscope Media (Los Angeles), or, provides a flat-fee multimedia showcase and sales channel for artists, performers, CD ROM authors, musicians, writers, animators, filmmakers, and software developers. Each artist gets several hypertext pages, 10-30 seconds of .aiff audio, and space for .gif images or QuickTime movies. Other formats will be added. A "newsstand" section features interviews. [Peter Markiewicz (, net-hap, 4/8/94.]

Relcom's new Window-to-Russia server,, gives access to fine arts displays, other Russian servers, and the Relcom Online server. [Eugene G. Peskin ( or, comp.infosystems.www, 5/16/94. net-hap.]