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Intelligent Systems Report is a monthly newsletter about AI, NN, agents, VR, speech recognition, interactive media, and other intelligent technologies. Online, print, and combination subscriptions for $209 and up. Free preview at . [Nora Craver , newjour, 07Nov96.]

AI Watch focuses on European-based commercial and industrial AI development. A free sample issue is available by sending a "SAMPLE" subject line to . [Alex Goodall, 18Jan97.]

OEGAI Journal covers AI research and news for the Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur Artificial Intelligence (Vienna). . [Claudia Ulbricht , 10Mar97.]

The J. of AI Research (JAIR) has reorganized its website, . [Steve Minton ,, 13Jan97. David Joslin.]

IEEE Expert Online provides full-text articles and editorials, plus regular columns and a calender of upcoming conferences and workshops. . [Ann Humphreys Dick Price , newjour, 13Jan97.]

AgentNews is a newsletter about agent technology -- softbots, knowbots, infobots, Web agents, etc. -- published by the UMBC Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology. , or you can get ASCII or HTML versions by email. [Tim Finin , newjour, 07Nov96.]

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems is a new journal accepting original papers in agent systems, from CS and AI to linguistics and sociology. Nicholas Jennings . Two issues planned in 1998; free sample available. $177.00/dfl. 345.00 (or $50 personal) from , (781) 871-6600, (781) 871-6528 Fax. . [Scott Delman , dbworld, 28Oct97.]

Seth Russell has been collecting pointers to AI examples on the Web, including live demos. Check out , and perhaps suggest your own site. [,, 08Dec97. David Joslin.]