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The New Alife Database search engine has added a new Bots category to cover software bots and intelligent agents. . [Ariel Dolan ,, 28Sep98.]

AgentLink -- the ESPRIT Network of Excellence for Agent-based Computing -- is a coordinating organization for European Commission-funded R&D in agent-based computer systems. . [Gerhard Weiss [], DAI-List, 17Oct98.] (There's a questionnaire that they'd like answered by 15Dec98, by agent-technology teachers worldwide.)

Gene Lab 4.10 is a conceptually simple introduction to animal/plant alife for Windows 95/NT. The latest version has several new variables to play with. . [Jeff Lowery ,, 28Sep98.]

Reactive behavioral systems may be found at the following alife sites, among others: , , , , , , , . [Bjorn Reese ,, 13jan98.]