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Intelligent Software Agents is a comprehensive site covering information integration agents, mobile and coordinated agents, assistants and believable agents, etc. . [BotSpot Report, 15Apr98.]

The Intelligent Agents Repository is a comprehensive library from the Monterrey Institute of Technology's Center for AI. . [Ibid.]

Gateway 2000 would like to add chatterbots to its Web site to answer technical questions, so people don't have to wait on hold. [IBD, 13Apr98. Edupage.]

Digital Personnel Inc. sells "virtual employees" -- photo-realistic, computerized talking heads -- developed from JPL's technology. The heads can take product orders, deliver FAQ text, field complaints (via canned responses), serve as masks for human customer reps, or be programmed as interfaces to AI agents. [Tampa Bay Business J., 06Apr98. Edupage.]

The MIT Div. of Humans and Automation is investigating software agents and intelligent tools in information security. They've put up a 5-minute questionnaire at . [Mario Rodriguez , DAI-LIST, 30Nov98.]

The non-profit Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents promotes interoperability across agent-based applications. See for results of their first three years. FIPA is now seeking proposals for extensions and technologies to be explored during the next year. . [Tim Finin , DAI-List, 30Nov98.]