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ALife Central has been updated, at . Eight Java applet demos are available -- for swarms, genetic algorithms, and traveling salesman optimization -- with source code soon to be released. [Scott Robert Ladd ,, 30Nov99.]

Simulations suggest that coordinated swarms of 10-20 cockroach-size robotic sensor platforms will be able to locate avalanche victims at least four times as fast as conventional search methods, if skiers wear radio beacons. Finding land mines might be another application for the Sandia Lab robots. [Ellen Licking, BW, 07Feb00, p. 103.]

Info about individual-based society models has been compiled at . This includes links to Artificial Societies and Social Simulation ; J. of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation ; Project for the Simulation of Social Behaviour ; and Agent Based Social Simulation . [Craig W. Reynolds ,, 17Dec99. Bill Park.] (Bill notes that Reynolds wrote the Boids flocking algorithm, used in the computer-generated short "Breaking the Ice" and in Jurassic Park's dinosaur stampedes.)

Erasmatron is essentially an emotion engine for simulating social behaviors. See the info on modeling behavior at . [Ron Moore ,, 08Dec99. Bill Park.]

The Complexity and Artificial Life Research Concept site at provides resources and tutorials for evolutionary complex systems. Links have recently been cleaned, and over 300 are offered. See the new software page at , dissertations at , or the Self-Organizing Systems FAQ 2.3 at . [Chris Lucas , comp.theory.dynamic-sys, 04Dec99.]

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