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The first four or five issues of the revived UMBC AgentNews newsletter are available, starting with . [Tim Finin , 30Jan00.]

Simon Laven has overhauled his comprehensive chatterbot page. This includes Chatterbot Central, The Chatterbot Bookstore (plus AI-related videos and DVDs), Chatterbot Companies, The Chatterbot Creation Guide, The Chatterbot Newswire, Chatterbot Papers, The Chatterbot Message Board, and Java chatrooms with and without active chatterbots. . [,, 06Dec99.]

The BotSpot Newsletter is born again, with a new section covering gamebots (). Other coverage includes essays on AI by Don Barker, reviews of shopping-bot services, and announcements of new shopping or conversational bots. [BotSpot , 18Jan00.] (The chief function of the BotSpot Newsletter is to advertise news articles and 19 categories of agent-related links at . New listings are marked with a red icon.)

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